Gone Too Soon: Friends mourn young female soldier who died a day to birthday

The beautiful soldier, Salo Roseline Tamarabrakemi , died a day to her birthday

A young female soldier has lost her life in a ghastly motor accident as she went to buy things to mark her birthday in Port Harcourt.

Friends of a young female soldier who died in a ghastly motor accident in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a day to her birthday, have remained inconsolable as they mourn her on the social media.

The deceased identified as Salo Roseline Tamarabrakemi was reportedly involved in an accident on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, when she went to buy items she wanted to use to mark her birthday the next day.

According to her friends, Tamarabrakemi was heading for her destination on a commercial motorcycle when a vehicle rammed into the Okada, killing her instantly.

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Some hours before her tragic death, Tamarabrakemi had taken to Facebook to share her excitement as she prepared to celebrate her birthday, not knowing she would not live to mark the day.

"Can't wait ooo; 2moro is d birthday of someone special & d one dat I don't joke wit. My very own..........

Hmmmm, I see u'r anxious 2 know wu bt jst wait & c wu dat special person could b," she had posted.


But her friends were shocked to discover that she had lost her life shortly after she made the post.

One of her friends, who is also a soldier, Akuboere Lugardowortimi, shared the information of Tamarabrakemi's death and since then, friends and others have been commenting on the tragic incident.

"She was heading to Elele Market in Ikwere Local Government Area of Rivers State, when she got involved in a car accident.


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The accident happened less than 15 minutes of introducing her to a fellow Izon soldier serving in the area. And behold, the result thereafter is that Pte Roseline Salo has become LATE.


Can’t just imagine what life is all about. Still in amazement and dreaming that she has gone forever. God, God…"

May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

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