In Kaduna: One of the teachers sacked for failing Maths test allegedly reacts on Facebook with poor grammar

Teachers sharing food for primary school pupils sitting on the floor in an overcrowded classroom

The teacher has however deleted his post, changed his name and picture on Facebook to clear his track.

One of the 21780 teachers sacked in Kaduna for failing primary four mathematics tests conducted by the state government has allegedly reacted to their sack on Facebook.

The teacher who goes by the name Calipha Ibrahim Abdullahi on Facebook expressed disappointment about how they were sacked.

Abdullahi wondered why 21780 teachers in Kaduna state would fail primary four test saying  "politicalisation'' of education is the major problem in the state.

His Facebook post reads: “Good morning to my colleague #Teaches an to every1. Is matter of time they almost finish 4 years nothing on ground….The major problem now is we are in new ara of politicalisation with #Education system in #Kudana. How can you said more than 65% of #Teaches failed primary four examine #Wallahi is Lied, we thank God a lot of people knows that. A state like KADUNA in the north more than 65% of P-Teachers faile primary examination, how about the other state in the north???”

Reactions have trailed the teacher's poor knowledge of grammar as many commented he deserved to be sacked while others opined that the post might not be genuine as no one has verified if Calipha Ibrahim Abdullahi is truly a teacher in Kaduna or not.

Pulse did some diggings about Calipha Ibrahim Abdullahi on Facebook to verify if he is truly a teacher in Kaduna state or not.

We found out that the name no longer exists but another Facebook account shares same pictures with Calipha Ibrahim Abdullahi and the name is Abdullahi Ibrahim Pdp Power with Calipha and Teacher as his nicknames in his profile.

One of the posts recently published by Abdullahi Ibrahim Pdp Power suggests he is the same person who complained about the sack of the 21780 teachers in Kaduna.

Here is one of the Facebook posts that gave the teacher away. "I can testify that the government that is capable of sacking 21,780 primary school teachers can also destroy houses they painted in zaria and those who build on government land''

With this post, it shows Calipha Ibrahim Abdullahi only deleted the viral post in which he goofed and changed his name to Abdullahi Ibrahim Pdp Power probably to clear his track

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To justify his claims on the sack of the teachers, Kaduna Government released a copy of the primary 4 question set for the teachers on Tuesday, October 10.

After conducting the tests, the state government reportedly announced that 21780 teachers failed and would be replaced with 25,000 young and qualified teachers to return dignity to Kaduna State primary school education.


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