Ladunni Lambo: A look at ‘St*r’, the Spring/Summer ‘18 collection

The Spring/Summer ‘18 collection: St*r

The new collection from the womenswear breand is inspired by North African royalty.

Ladunni Lambo presents its Spring/Summer ‘18 collection called St*r.

The Nigerian womenswear brand once again creates pieces that contain a deeper meaning - a story with each cut and design.

It “ is inspired by the Princess Lalla Nouzha of Morocco and the Nomadic culture,” the brand shared in a statement.


The brand describes its third collection as a unification of contradictions.

The juxtaposition of the two concepts merge opulence and austerity, isolation and unity, presumption and reality, but which belongs to What?,” it said.

We travelled for so long, alone, just a few of us. The day brought sorrow and reality, but at night, we were at peace, the breeze took up and lifted our spirits into the sky . . .you can make it .. . whispered the stars to you and I”.


The St*r collection is a follow up of the Autumn/Winter 17 collection tagged ‘A new life’.

Ladunni Lambo presented its debut collection at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week in October, 2016 with an infusion of aso oke in a collection called 'A Wife For Nana'.

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With every collection, the designer hones in on representing the journey of women in the pursuit of equality, freedom and respect.


Photography: Sope Johnson

Creative Direction and Styling: Ladunni Lambo

Model: Erezi


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