Tech: UPS is rolling out new electric delivery trucks — these 13 photos show the evolution of their vehicles

An electric UPS truck from 1935

UPS will be deploying a fleet of plug-in electric delivery trucks - these old photos show a look back at the original electric UPS trucks.

  • UPS announced on Thursday it will be deploying plug-in electric vehicles that will rival the costs of traditional fuel vehicles.
  • The company is collaborating with Workhorse Group, Inc. to design vehicles
    from the ground up that will have zero emissions.
  • This isn't the first time UPS has used electric delivery trucks — these nostalgic photos of the original electric UPS trucks show the evolution of the vehicles since the 1930s.

UPS announced Tuesday its plans to deploy 50 electric delivery trucks that will rival the costs of traditional fuel vehicles. Working in collaboration with Workhorse Group, the goal of the fleet is to run with zero emissions. Workhorse said that each truck will be able to drive nearly 100 miles before needing to charge, and will optimize the driver compartment and cargo area in efforts to increase efficiency and reduce vehicle weight.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time UPS has used electric trucks in its delivery routes. Keep scrolling to see photos as early as the 1930's showing some of the original electric trucks:

1930: A UPS employee publication published an article about some of the vehicles the company acquired when it opened for business in NYC, including electric cars. The article ran in the July 14, 1930 Los Angeles edition of the publication.

1935: The company's first electric package car was made by Walker, a manufacturer of electric vehicles.

1935: Another look at the Walker electric package car.

1935: This study shows that initially, electric trucks and fuel trucks were equally as efficient as fuel trucks.

1936: The company also had a fleet of electric cars fleet in Los Angeles, here they are plugged in.

1936: As you can see, not much has changed in terms of how electric cars are charged.

1940: This Walker electric package car was part of the New York City fleet.

1980: The experimental electric truck was road tested in 1980 in partnership with the University of Alabama.

1980: Shortly after, the electric trucks are used in NYC after passing the University of Alabama road test.

2009: And here's an updated zero-emission electric vehicle

2009: Another look at a zero emission electric vehicle. This one is a fully electric vehicle used in London.


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