Personal Experiences: Pulse bloggers reward. My day at Epe resort & spa

The Epe resort and Spa is beautiful and I had a lovely stay and I would love to go back someday soon.

Winning a stay at the luxurious Epe resort and Spa through a Pulse blogger challenge has been one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2018.

Things to do while visiting the Epe Resort and Spa.

Pulse Bloggers Reward.

Winning a two night stay at the luxurious Epe resort and Spa through a blogger writing challenge hosted by has been one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2018. I was there last weekend and I am sharing 10 things to do while visiting the Epe Resort and Spa.


Epe Resort and Spa is located at Epe a town and local government in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is easily accessible as it is at the north side of the Lekki Lagoon off Lekki- Epe expressway in Lagos. The Resort is barely an hour away from Lekki and although it was a bit far from Lagos mainland getting there was easy, roads were good and locating the Resort was easy breezy as it is along the Epe expressway.

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The Epe resort and Spa is the perfect spot for a vacation, holiday getaway, “baecation” or in my case a “mecation” (made up word me on a vacation) because it is away from Lagos hustle and bustle. Check in time is 2pm which I found really cool because it gives guests enough time to sleep in and check out.

My experience.

I won a voucher for two (2) for two nights with complimentary breakfast and I decided to go with my sister, my twinnie (@mz_annie) and I had the most chilled two days ever! My reservation was booked and I checked in at 2pm on the Friday, 16 February 2018, we were so excited we got to the resort 30 minutes before check in.

The first thing that caught my eyes at the resort at the reception was the interior I was like oh my gawd! I loved it instantly, the same goes for my room which was gorgeous, comfortable and fully air conditioned. The water was clean hot and cold water available, room spacious, with a private outdoor sitting area unique to every room.


The Staff at the resort were very polite, friendly and helpful, room service responded in time, there was Wi-Fi assessable to guests, environment serene and very relaxing, and the food was great I enjoyed every meal especially breakfast. My stay was really relaxing and fun I checked out 18 February, 2018 after having breakfast. I had a full experience and there is a lot to do while visiting the Epe Resort and Spa.

There are so many things to do at the Epe resort and Spa, here are  some of these things:

Pamper yourself.

Enjoy the restaurant breakfast or dinner buffet: breakfast buffet was one of my favorite times during my stay, there is a variety to choose from baked beans, toast, cereal, egg sauce, Irish potatoes, chicken sauce and so on. Thinking about that buffet is making me hungry, food is well cooked and delicious and staff is really nice.


Order room service and enjoy lunch or dinner in the comfort of your room: there is a wide range of affordable meals and drinks to choose from the menu. You can call room service and order yourself a delicious meal and guess what? You do not need to bother about cash because they have you covered you can pay with your card when your food is delivered.


Treat yourself to a massage: the spa isn’t up and running yet but you can treat yourself to spa treatments on order

Take a bicycle ride, a run or a walk: bicycles are provided at the premises for those that love to take bicycle rides and the environment encourages bicycle rides, runs and walks especially during the mornings and evenings.


Enjoy a  relaxing swim or play a game at the court: there is a beautiful pool by the restaurant and also a court where you can play tennis.

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Sit outdoors and just enjoy the serenity: there are a lot of places at the Epe resort where you can just sit outdoors and enjoy the serenity. The restaurant has an outdoor space where you can seat and have something to drink, you can also do this by the poolside or the outdoor space by your room maybe you could catch the breath taking sunset or sunrise.


Go sight-seeing around Epe: Epe is a very beautiful place hence you can go sight-seeing around the town.  The notable Epe fish market is just a few minutes away and when you get back you could just take advantage of the bathtub and soak in rejuvenating  bath.

Relax again.

Sleep in and watch a lot of television, if you are the television type: the television had variety of channels to choose from, hence relaxing by the television is always a good idea.

Interact and socialize: the staff are friendly and ready to answer any questions you have therefore interacting with them and the other guests will absolutely be fun or take the time to finish off work take advantage of the free Wi-Fi if you are not much of the socializing type.


Take lots of pictures! The resort is very photographic therefore do not forget to take as many pictures as possible to document your stay. I did thanks to my sister who is great with the camera.


The Epe resort and Spa is beautiful and I had a lovely stay and I would love to go back someday soon. A big thank you to Pulse for the opportunity to experience the Epe Resort I cannot wait to experience more and share.

Written by Destiny Awata.

Dee Awata is a content creator, freelance writer and a lifestyle blogger.  She aspires to inspire with her words and travel the world writing, designing and photographing city to city. Check out her blog at and connect with her @deeawata on instagram.


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