Republic of Bants Podcast: What’s problem with public proposal in Northern Nigeria [Episode 39]

Cardi B shows off her gorgeous ring shortly after her boo, Offset, proposed during a performance at Philadelphia.

A resident banter, Ahmad is scared of a new trend developing in the North, which is for guys to propose to their fiancee in public. It hasn't become a thing yet.

In this episode, Ahmad rants about how it is not in the Hausa culture to do public proposal which then leads to things that culturally and morally shouldn't happen in public.

The resident banters are joined by Nurudeen Shotayo, a co-host on Halftime Podcast and a Quality Assurance buff. This is one of the most interesting podcasts, listen and share your comments with us.

Republic of Bants’ takes a look at what’s going on in the community.

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