Big Brother Naija: Teddy A shares a kiss with Bambam, Cee-C and Tobi shade each other [Day 24 recap]

Tobi and Cee C finally kiss on Big Brother Naija

Teddy A shares a kiss with Bambam, Cee C and Tobi shade each other: Here's a recap of #BBNaija day 24.

Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 24.

Check out a recap of day 24, including social media reactions.

Tobi and Cee C throw shots at each other

During a conversation on parenting among the housemates, Tobi and Cee C used he opportunity to exchange subs.

Cee-C talked about how important it is that a man gets to know her before rushing into a relationship and how her independence has  been a problem because most men cannot handle this. 

To clap back, Tobi brought mentioned how important it as for beauty to be accompanied by character to which Cee-C laughingly commented “We women can see through a man that just wants sex”.

For a while now, the two who used to be popular for their dramatic relationship, have avoided each other. Cee -C even recently asked Tobi what happened to them.

There have been several reactions to the current state of their relationship:





Stealing baby Chidera

'Chidera' was trending on Twitter after Bambam stole Miracle and Anto's baby as part of her Secret Task.

Her Secret Task was to steal one of the other Housemate’s babies and hide it so that it could not be found. Biggie told her that this would have a big impact on the Wager and that she must not fail.

When Anto and Miracle noticed that one of their three babies was missing, they jumped into action and searched the entire house.

Anto pleaded to forgive them, saying that she knew they had been neglectful.

Miracle even confronted Alex and asked her to look him in the eye and say she didn’t take his baby girl. An offended Alex denied the accusation.




Teddy A and Bambam share a quick kiss and a massage

From sharing heartfelt conversation to quick kisses and Teddy A massaging her at night, the relationship between Teddy A and Bambam seems to be growing stronger, despite the reshuffling by Biggie,



Nina says she misses the old Miracle

Unlike Teddy A and Bambam's relationship which seems to be growing stronger despite the reshuffling, the MINA ship seems to be sinking.

Nina misses the old Miracle, who spent almost the whole day with her. She complained that unlike Teddy A and Bambam, they have changed since Biggie reshuffled the pairing.

Miracle responded that he isn't Teddy A and is in the game to win the prize.

His response upset Nina and some of their fans on Twitter.







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