Temi Otedola: Fashion and lifestyle blogger speaks about her struggles with severe acne.

Temi Otedola talks about her struggles with bad skin

Temi speaks about her struggle with bad skin on her Youtube channel and talks about how she finally cleared it up

Billionaire's daughter, fashion and lifestyle blogger Temi Otedola has spoken on her Youtube channel about her struggles with severe acne. Speaking about how the disease blighted her self-confidence, she goes on to talk about how she finally conquered it and how she maintains her new-found clear skin.

Temi Otedola has revealed she had very severe acne at 15, saying, ‘if you had told a 15-year-old me I would ever post an Instagram photo without any makeup I would (sadly) have been mortified’.

The 21-year-old billionaire daughter, who is dating singer Mr. Eazi,  also says she struggled with pimples throughout her teen years but is finally loving the skin she is in and understanding how it works.

She has a new video on her Youtube channel explaining her new morning skincare routine and how she cleared her skin.

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