Orijinal Nights: A night of rich cultural heritage

A night of rich cultural heritage

At Orijinal Nights, Orijin showed the Yoruba culture in its true colour with drama and musicals.

Na so Orijin carry culture put am for high table at the Orijinal Nights for Ikeja City Mall on Friday January 19.

As the flyer carry Alaga Ibile Reminisce and the Baba himself, Adewale Ayuba everybody dey expect say the show go mad but Orijin do pass that level.


Of all the things wey Orijin use burst brain for street na the cultural display by PAWS na im sure pass. The drama come show our culture in true colour as the actors dem dress in traditional attire come speak local language join. The message of the drama dey tell us say as King be the ultimate for im kingdom, na so Orijin be ‘Authority in Herbs’. As the people dey enjoy the show, na Orijin dem dey take cool body.


Na sly if I no mention the performances wey make street scatter floor. Na trap rapper Terry Apala  first climb stage dey give the tunes  then Orijin Brand Ambassador, Alaga Ibile Reminisce, drop some hot tunes asin dey ‘Tesojue’ the crowd dance the shaku come dey ‘KakoBii Chicken’.


Before the crowd recover from that one, na Adewale Ayuba dem see for stage. Im na Baba for Fuji music in the 90’s but that one no mean say the crowd no sabi am. Baba redefine him craft come deliver performance wey show say im head still dey there.


Last last, na to wait for the next Orijinal Nights make we see how Orijin go carry culture for head.

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