Relationship Wednesday: What single ladies want in a guy before marrying in 2018

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Nigerian queens are modifying the husband material qualifications for 2018. Guys, keep up!

The year is 2018 and Amaka, a single lady in her mid twenties is thinking of marrying and settling down.

At 27, she knows surely what she wants and knows what it looks like. For her, marriage is sacrosanct and as much as she does not want to become thirty before walking down the aisle, she also wants this first marriage to be her one and only.

She’d rather hold out for something longlasting, eternal even if it comes late rather than forcing her way into a potential wreck and having to jump out not too far down the road.

So while living her best life and glowing in the knowledge that she does not need to rush into marriage, she guides her steps in meeting and dating men with a checklist of 12 requirements.

As mature and encompassing and reasonable and considerate as the list is, she knows she’ll likely not see everything in a man and she’s ready to compromise.

But regardless of the will to reach a compromise, Amaka, like every serious minded Nigerian babe in 2018 wants to see at least ¾ of the following 12 traits in a man before she settles down with him in marriage.

1. An active, functioning conscience

This replaces the clichéd ‘God-fearing man’ requirement which is often used in the sense of wanting someone who attends religious activities and performs religious rites.

For Amaka who represents the average single Nigerian woman who intends to marry in 2018, a functioning conscience trumps mere religious appearances. If coupled with serious adherence to religious tenets, then all the more impressive

2. A great sense of humour

Simply because laughter cures a lot of ills and leaves a relaxed and amiable mood.

3. Ambitious

More women like Amaka desire men with  ambition as opposed to wanting a man just for his ready-made wealth.

Wealth is good but an absence of it won’t stop this generation of Nigerian women, so far there is a clear ambition and a plan to make it happen.

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4. Supportive

Loads of Nigerian women are industrious, hardworking and possess entrepreneurial knacks.

They need a man who is secure enough to support these dreams and gas them up towards making a mark at whatever they choose to do.

5. Great in bed

Simply because great sex can never be overrated and the quality of satisfaction it delivers to the soul, incomparable.

5. Considerable height

The barest minimum height requirement for the man of Amaka’s dream is to be just as tall as the 5”5 young woman.

7. Emotionally intelligent

He needs to be sensitive and discerning when dealing with emotional issues and circumstances.

The complete list of 12 can be found in the short clip above which features Uwanma Odefa, vlogger and presenter of “Love, Life and Everything in Between.”

Watch short clip above.


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